The Generation Cup 2023

LRAFC were delighted to be invited to this event, which brings together clubs still in existence that played in the first 10 years of the FA Cup, before the beginning of the football league. This year’s event was excellently hosted by Darwen AFC.

More details and photos to follow but it is fair to announce now that we will emphatically not be gracing the finals at St George’s Park later in the season.

The official photographer’s chronicle of the first game against Turton FC is here.

With all due respect to Shep, some opposition teams went for a slighter bigger name to manage them.

This photo shows the end of Andy Tyrer’s boot rather than his career. That 4G was pretty unforgiving.


The squad was: Nigel Power, Roger Pointon, Mike Bagley, Andy Tyrer, Colin Ainsworth, Eddie Jones, Charles Shepherd, Pete Harthan, Tom Soffe, Shannon Eastwood, Phil Donny, Paul Jackson, Ben Harrison (scorer), Chris Drake, Ste Hogan, Tommy Grice, Josh Kendall, Ste Alison, Ben Usher