Convocation v Liverpool Ramblers Vets XI

Match Report


It was the second outing in a week for the black armband, but this week it was for one of our own. A minute’s silence for Steve Irving was kindly observed by Convocation with us and it gave time for proper reflection. See here for a word or two about the great mean and watch him here:


Just like last week there followed a goal after 20 seconds, but this time we were on the wrong end of it, a well-executed goal putting us on the back foot. Crutchley had forced his way into the starting line-up after goalscoring heroics for the Supervets last week, and was holding the ball up well as the Ramblers eased their way back into the game. The equaliser was not long in coming. Clay broke through but overhit a pass to Mornington, who played the ball into Eddie Jones, who finished calmly.

The lead was taken when a superb and deftly weighted pass from Bodey (look, he may well be picking the team next season, what do you expect me to say?) went into the path of Eddie Jones down the right wing. Smarting from starting on the bench last week brought out a vintage performance from Eddie (need him every week, don’t we), whose pinpoint cross was met with a thunderous header from Mornington (he has promised to drive my Q7 to Malvern).

All right, favour curried, this report can leave fake news behind and get on with the rest of the match.

Some chaotic defending allowed Convocation in to make it 2-2 just before half time, which featured the arrival of both some Jaffa Juicy oranges and Chester, who borrowed some pink socks from the opposition before making his way onto the pitch. This was a cunning ruse by Convocation, making it easy to identify the person it was most important to kick out of the game. One such effort led to a fit of pique from Preston’s finest and the resulting yellow card requires a letter to the Chairman please. It can be addressed to the Bermuda Triangle.

But more important than Chester’s introduction was the change to 4-5-1, which shored up the middle of the park and made attacking a more straightforward affair. What might have been the greatest goal of Clay’s life was not because he hit the post, but he was finally making an impact. His performance was the opposite of the old Sven “first half good, second half not so good” adage. In the middle of the first half Rushie had been forced off through injury to be replaced by Bagley, whose birthday in the middle of the week had put him in the sort of mood that saw him gallop down the wing with gay abandon a little later. His neat pass found Pink Socks, whose cross to the far post was slotted by Mornington to make the score 3-2. This heralded a purple patch of football during which Eddie Jones, Russ Hall and finally Clay each scored with verve and aplomb. When Convocation attacked they did so mainly down the right, where first Sykes then Hulme repelled them, if not with élan then certainly with determination and effect.

Back at Aigburth People’s Hall for a pint afterwards, mysterious events unfolded. McGuckin went to the bar to get a round in then disappeared shortly. Moments after his return, the full extent of his largesse at the bar unfolded as the opposition captain Andy, full pint in each hand, shouted across how very well he thought Paul had played in what was clearly a man of the match performance at centre-half.

This was a competitive game in which the scoreline might had flattered the Ramblers were it not for the quality of finishing in the second half. Those so-called Galacticos had better be more careful taking weeks off at a whim. The same is true for Harthan, who in announcing that he was unavailable by email said “… I hope that this season’s form so far, unbeaten in my presence, defeat in my absence, doesn’t continue on Saturday. #Talisman” revealed the sort of arrogance that has no place in this team. It’s all for one and one for all in this team, not some sort of twisted Mormon view on life (like this). Think on, all you absentees.



Date Time League Season
October 19, 2019 2:00 pm Vets XI Fixtures 2019-20


Liverpool Convocation
40 Rose Brae, Liverpool L18 6JX, UK


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Liverpool Ramblers Vets XI246