Liverpool Ramblers Vets XI v Essemmay

Match Report

With recent discipline problems raising their head (not this team, though), this was a time for best behaviour. So imagine the surprise when after a very close twenty minutes, the Vets conceded a penalty and did not accept the decision with quiet dignity. This winning habit is in danger of breeding bad behaviour and may have to stop, but apologies were proffered and it was back to business. To everyone’s surprise the spot kick was converted (first penalty conceded this season) and backs were against the wall. although the Vets tried to ease their way back into the game and did have much of the possession, but were caught on the break and looked to be heading to the break 2-0 down.

But then defensive mayhem led to the ball breaking free to Clay, who calmly lofted the ball over the keeper’s head and into an empty net.

Tesco oranges came and went, as did three excellent chances to draw level at the start of the second half. The pick of the bunch fell to Killen, who when clear through decided to go for an audacious chip rather than a gentle run in. the ball bobbled, probably, and the ball landed in a potato patch almost inside the Earl of Blundell’s estate. He was kind enough to show what he should have done, watch this from about 35 seconds:

Oh for a Scott Wagstaff.

McNay had threatened his first outing of 2019 but didn’t surface. Without a wedding, funeral or spousal operation, Warren made a welcome return. his introduction triggered a long period of pressure which did not quite translate into an equaliser.

But come the final whistle, come Mornington’s greatest contribution of the season. With Lesley away, his mother-in-law stepped up to the plate to provide the finest spread of the season. Selection is guaranteed for life. That’s Annette, not Jordan.


Date Time League Season
January 26, 2019 2:00 pm Vets A XI Fixtures 2018-19


Moor Lane
14 Moor Ln, Thornton, Liverpool L23 4TW, UK


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Liverpool Ramblers Vets A XI011