Liverpool Ramblers Super Vets v Northop Hall

Match Report

Firstly some medical advice for the Super Dupers:   Could all players take their drugs of choice at least 70 minutes before kick off for all future fixtures. The reason for this should be quite clear in the following match report and as all you obviously got the same euphoric high 25 minutes into the first half, looking like the gates of the lunatic asylum had just been opened and it was your chance of freedom. Everyone of you made a break for it at the same time.
Back to the action:   There was one player who had taken his medication 70 minutes prior to kick off at least, but it wasn’t his dementia pills unfortunately. While driving and only 10 minutes from Moor Lane , onboard Murphy’s Coach Tours , we took an urgent call from wing commander Hodgson informing us that they had just exited the Liverpool Tunnel and Noble who was driving had left all his kit back on the Wirral and he had to turn around to go retrieve it. Skippering this lot is more attuned to a care worker than a skipper.
As was pointed out in the pre match talk, the maiden game had been a defeat with over 700 years experience. So dropping the two under 40 players and bringing in more experience in Arthur and Mcnay (both making their  duper’s debut) was a bold decision.
The decision seemed to have paid off, the ramblers dominating the early exchanges before taking a deserved one nil lead. This produced 10 minutes of end to end action with Northop equalising against the run of play and then taking a 2-1 lead.
Evenly matched both teams were creating chances and it looked like 2-1 at half time would be a good result , as we would have the slope and the wind in the second half.
10 minutes to half time and at this point the narcotics kicked in.   Northop had a tame shot from 25 yards which was heading well wide of the far post for a goal kick. Kingy, who I’m sure was hallucinating and muttering something about lobsters 🦞 coming for him, sprang into life diving left and spectacularly saving the guaranteed goal kick. Pushing the ball back into the goal mouth for the Northop forward who was just selecting his lucky dip numbers for this weeks lottery to take another gift and tap in. 3-1 .
Straight from our kick off the ball was given away , an instant shot from 25 yards this time was spectacularly saved by Kingy or the lobster 🦞, the ball bounced 4 yards from goal, Howatt spotting the danger (of Northop not getting there 4th) rushed in and blasted the ball straight at JC who , with a sublime touch, Slotted the ball into the bottom corner. 4-1
Here we go again …… straight from our kick off the ball was lost. A hopeful punt downfield saw the oppo forward 10 yards offside , and the on rushing Kingy seeing this or a lobster 🦞, stopped. The majority of the rest of the ramblers all seeing whatever imaginary images of their own also ignored the situation. As did the ref.  As no whistle was blown , the oppo forward as always taught, play to the whistle , decided to slot the ball home anyway. Goal given. 5-1
The sixth goal a further 30 seconds later , even I can’t remember because at this point I took the approach if you can’t beat them join them.
So I dropped a couple of acid tabs on the sidelines and felt a lot better.
Although I think they worked a little too well as with 5 minutes to half time I witnessed a move from the ramblers rarely seen in my nearly 15 year membership.
What I saw you would all question but here it is :   Jc picks ball up in own penalty area, beats two oppo players , plays a beautiful ball into midfield for Arthur who beats several more oppo players , I think a one two with Bibby was played another several players beaten , ball cut back from the byline to an unmarked Murphy two yards out , who finished the move of the game.
At this point I vowed no more drugs for me, the things you see. 🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞
Half time 6-2
The second half was a much better performance , evenly matched and similar to the first half apart from the drug induced 5 minutes of crazy. Jimbo had a brilliant game on the right wing until the hamstring gave in, JC had a blinder until his leg gave in , Rushie abandoned the normal vets and helped us out.
The oppo did get their 7th but a good performance from the boys who didn’t give in.
Thanks to all , and it’s my pleasure to see all the old boys back out there doing what we all do best on a Saturday afternoon.
The Bands Back Together 👍👍👍👍👍
Love to all  Skip x


Date Time League Season
October 5, 2019 2:30 pm Super Vets XI Fixtures 2019-20


Moor Lane
14 Moor Ln, Thornton, Liverpool L23 4TW, UK


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Liverpool Ramblers Super Vets XI202
Northop Hall617