Liverpool Ramblers Vets B XI v Liverpool Convocation

Match Report

It’s always nice to play at the Fortress and it was looking in magnificent condition today as the Vets B squad assembled for our first game of the season. The start of the 2021/22 season saw us at home against the old foe of Convocation. Following on from last season and an 8-3 defeat it’s fair to say that the skipper was slightly anxious about this opening fixture.
My anxiety wasn’t helped on the Friday evening when I started to receive messages from the ex Chairman informing me that he had been on one of his long lunches but not to worry he would be stopping drinking at 8pm. He promised me!!! He promised me!!!!

With squad assembled and pitch put up in what can definitely be described as tropical conditions the first team of the season was announced. A different formation of 4-5-1. Harthan and Warren at full backs. Shep and Gorton at CB. Syko at left mid Bagley at right mid and a 3 of Ainsworth, Mike Wright, and Mogsy in the centre with RvP up front. With Phil the Physio a new recruit on the bench. A positive team talk of let’s not kick it long as we just can’t run and let’s enjoy ourselves we’re the key messages.

A really solid first 20 minutes ensued, yes we were under pressure but we played some good stuff on the deck. Convo had a few chances but nothing that felt overly dangerous. They then worked a great goal delivering a ball across the “corridor of uncertainty” between me and Gort for them to slot home. But our spirit wasn’t broken. Not listening to my own team talk our equaliser came from a long pass from me. Missing out our midfield for a flick on and Mike out sprinting their centre half to lob the keeper with a cool finish from what looked like 25 yards. A well deserved equaliser. What followed I couldn’t believe. A free kick roughly 30 yards out, some discussions over what to do. Mike W steps up and just nonchalantly puts it in the top bin right over the keepers head. A fantastic strike. We can discuss if he meant it or not but I’m in a generous mood after a bottle of Rioja so he gets the deliberate shot 😉. Our third came from what I think was a great ball by Phil the Physio with RvP getting a deft touch to put it into the corner. 3-1 into half time.

The reintroduction of half time oranges was well appreciated and the team talk was all about heart and grit for the second half.

What happened in the second half was a gritty performance from the Ramblers. Top performer Tony Warren at left back was doing a Sterling job. Convo put a beautiful cross and a well directed header made it 3-2. We were solid and didn’t look under too much pressure. Yes their centre forward missed an open goal but we thought the gods would be with us. However with about 5 mins left a shot from outside the box squirmed into the corner. 3-3 and a desperate last stand from Ramblers left us with a well deserved draw which in all fairness was a just result for both teams.

Everyone in the team was a top performer today. Ainsworth in the utility player role of multiple positions, Mogsy keeping it simple with great touches, and the wide midfielders who didn’t stop running, RvP on his own upfront, along with everyone else.

Good to see everyone stay for a drink and sausage and beans. Hopefully everyone enjoyed the run around. I understand Rambler enjoyed his first outing at Moor Lane and it was good to see some support on the line as well. Let’s have a great season. Onto next week and the “Field of Dreams”

Up the Ramblers.


Date Time League Season
September 25, 2021 2:00 pm Vets B XI Fixtures 2021-22


Moor Lane
14 Moor Ln, Thornton, Liverpool L23 4TW, UK