Radbroke Hall vs Liverpool Ramblers 1st XI

Match Report

Saturday saw the first cup game of the year, in the delightful grounds of an ex country estate, a fitting stage for the mighty Ramblers.

The game started with much anticipation with many regulars missing, and some fine farmers drafted in to make the numbers.   It was to nobody’s surprise to see Will Kinsey rolling around on the floor within 5 minutes of play, as their fat centre mid had decided early on that studs up was the tackling style he was going to adopt for the day.

A strong start saw a generous number of breaks forward, with some super wide play from Ben Phillips. However it was clear early on that the Referee was going to be fairly whistle happy, as he adopted the hockey style Reffing, of sticking tightly to the touchline.  It was apparent that it was not going to be a day for the ‘perfectly’ timed run through the defence.

There was strength at the back with some well-communicated blockages and cool and calculated disposals from the new partnership of James Handley and Alex Howard. No wanting to leave him out, the step-in captain (James Gendall) kindly found a place on the pitch for Ed Williamson, who as any Rambler would, was more than happy, when asked, not to play in his preferred role as Left back.  It is clear that he is rapidly becoming a superb wing back in his own right.  Well I suppose Ollie Handley could make anyone look good.

It was clear that the chances were coming from the pace on either wing. This was capitalised on, when a ‘well placed’ scuff found its way to Louis Holt, who smartly and quite magnificently skipped past one defender to strike for the first time this season, a beautifully accurate shot into the bottom left of the goal.  Some say that it is one of the finest Ramblers goals they have witnessed, whoever is writing this match report tends to agree.

Half-Time came, and a well-managed team talk sent out the 1st XI with a skip in their step. It was clear from the off that this was going to be a bit of a rout, if we were to start to take the plentiful opportunities gifted by the tireless work in the middle by Will Kinsey, Ben Handley & James Gendall.  The movement of players brought Ed Ferns onto the left, generating a pincer attack from either side, allowing for space Louis Holt.  This was taken advantage of when a loose ball was picked up by Holt who skipped past the keeper to settle his second of the match in the heart of the goal.

Goals were coming, and this was testament to the way in which the 1sts were developing through the game from the back to the front, a super performance was being witnessed by a dirty and foulmouthed Radbroke Side.

The third came from a superbly composed piece of dribbling from Ben Phillips, who turned his defender inside out, and smartly dribbled the ball into the bottom right hand corner. Only to be beautifully praised by the bald Radbroke Hall Centre Half, with a well thought-out, and frankly genius shout of ‘Jog on VAGINA CHIN’.

There was some penalty that was missed at some stage, but nobody can really remember that, so moving on…….

The fourth was smartly taken by Kinsey following a crunching tackle by Holt in the centre of the park.   Whereby the ball popped out for Kinsley to smartly intercept and skilfully put 4 defenders on their arse, whilst stepping the keeper and calmly slotting the ball in the back of the net.  A Well-deserved 4:0.

A super win from a patched together side, shows the depth and quality that the Ramblers have in a great 1’s and 2’s set up.

The future is bright.

The unbeaten run continues…..

“This is our year” (Quote: Liverpool Fans Every Year of their sad little Lives).


Date Time League Season
September 30, 2017 2:30 pm Garrison Cup 2017-18


Radbroke Hall


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoals
Radbroke Hall000
Liverpool Ramblers 1st XI134