President’s Day 2019

And they say romance is dead. Just an hour and a half before kick off for the beginning of the end for President Howat, Bodey sent his skipper a message. “Sorry skipper, Jen has surprised me with a night away tonight for our anniversary so won’t make it today.” Luckily the popularity of Pete Howat meant that numbers were healthy and the day could happen in any event.

Teams for the Interclub games were selected in a way which meant that the 1st XI were able to enjoy a runout together whilst masquerading as some other outfit by deploying Bagley at right back.  They won more than they lost. Howat Junior managed to break his duck and score past Power for the first time ever. And the second time ever. And the third time.

All games were played in great spirit. The 1st XI remain unbeaten. The rest of the teams looked in pretty good shape. The club looks in really good shape.

And nearly all of the Aldi Pilsner bought for the Stuttgart tournament has now been drunk. In date or otherwise. The Pollensa kit bought in drink for this very event looked fantastic. What’s not to like?